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The Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities in Moldova 2011 - 2012

The Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities in Moldova was launched in 2005 by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Government, associations of mayors, the USAID project "Local Government Reform" and implemented by IDIS "Viitorul", in 2007, 2008, 2010. Due to the progress registered by the project in previous editions, as well as the interest of local authorities to share their experiences, the project team decided to continue the Best Practices Programme in 2012. In this way, the Programme became, in time, a success story.

Implementation period: November 2012 - December 2013

Donor: Council of Europe

Aim: Representing one of the most efficient opportunities to promote successful activities, the Programme aims to identify, appreciate, promote and disseminate the best practices among local authorities from Moldova, in order to improve the efficiency of local governance. A good local practice means success stories, partnerships and innovation and the Best Practice Programme comes in this sense, to ensure the sustainability of these initiatives by sharing knowledge, skills and experiences.

Procedure: Since its launch, the Best Practice Programme represented a valuable tool for authorities who wanted modernization and progress. Thus, during 2005 - 2008 were submitted over 200 successful practices, and 15 municipalities have received honorable mentions. Among authorities with local best practice status can be mention: Razeni (Ialoveni district), Chiscareni (Singerei district), Festelita (Stefan - Voda district) or Budesti from Chisinau.

Sections: For this edition, local authorities could submit their applications to four sections, namely: 1. Good Governance: citizen participation and  successful community partnerships; 2. Local socio-economic development:  performances and achievements; 3.  Successful models for energy efficiency at community level; 4.  Efficient management of local public services.

Taking into account the assessment criteria: initiative, efficiency, relevance, participation, efficient resource management, impact and sustainability, the Steering Committee evaluated those 50 applications submitted till 1st of May 2013, and prepared a preliminary list of local authorities candidating for the ‘Most Best Practice’ for further evaluation. During June-July 2013, members of the Steering Group visiting 23 local authorities to see how the best practice is implemented.

After being visited, the local authorities will be invited to present their best practices at a public event that will take place in late October at IDIS “Viitorul” premises. After this event and the previous visits, the Steering Committee will select the localities nominated for the title ‘Authority with the Best Practice’ in the field where it has been implemented. Other local authorities will be awarded with certificates of appreciation for their successful experiences.

Becoming authorities with Best Practice, they will receive the necessary support in order to share their good practices with other local authorities from Moldova. Sharing of good practice will be done through various actions, both at national and at local level, such as: public events, where the authorities will present their successful practices and information and dissemination activities organized individually by each authority, such as editing visibility materials, information campaigns, study visits or "Open Days" events. Also, authorities will be trained on how to share their experience with other local authorities.
Participating at the Best Practices Programme, local authorities representatives have now the opportunity to inspire and to implement, in their communities, successful and performant models. In this way, the local government will become more efficient, and the quality of life of residents will improve noticeably. Working together, we can be sure that we have more examples of good practice for local authorities that can bring a real contribution for ensuring responsible and efficient administration in Moldova.

The Prospectus of the Programme (available only in Romanian)

Submitted applications within the Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities 2011 - 2012

List of authorities visited within the Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities 2011 - 2012

List of awarded practices within the Programme